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4. Our suggested cancellation on unfilled purchase orders is 30 weeks. Please select your preference below:
5. Status Reports for books on order are available for viewing at . If you would like access, call your Library Service Representative for a password. If printed Status Reports are required by mail, send to:

6. Often the price given on an order is less than the publisher's current list price. What is the limit you will accept without written clarification? (a minimum of $20.00 is preferred).
7. In our database searches, if we can only locate a format (cloth or paper) which is different from what is ordered, will you accept the alternate if the price is within the range given in question 6?

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9. If PO or Fund was selected as part of the sort sequence in question 8, we can subtotal invoices by fund or purchase order number. This will reduce the number of invoices to be handled, provided it is acceptable to mix funds or purchase orders on one invoice.

10. If PO or Fund was selected as part of the sort sequence in question 8, your invoices may be separated so that different purchase order numbers or fund numbers will not be mixed on an invoice.

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12. As a standard practice we supply an Original Invoice and one Invoice Copy.
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