University Press Approval Plan

Our University Press Approval Plan provides comprehensive coverage of university press publications with automatic shipments as the books are published. This plan incorporates library profiling with personal book selection by our experienced bibliographers. The result is timely shipments which enable you to process and circulate books quickly.

The Approval Plan encompasses all bona fide university presses (including Cambridge, Oxford, and Toronto) as well as many other university press imprints which are distributed by these presses. A complete list of the presses is available. The annual output of these presses is approximately 10,000 titles per year.

The University Press Approval Plan provides either comprehensive or selective coverage. Libraries may make selections by publisher, LC Subject Classification, or our own non-subject descriptors. Specific subjects can be profiled at non-subject levels, allowing emphasis in some areas, limited treatment in others.


  1. Because we are in constant communication with all university press publishers, we are able to monitor new book production and place book orders in advance of publication.
  2. New books are reviewed by our bibliographers who determine their suitability according to your library's profile. Selections are made with the book in hand for each library, keeping your returns at a minimum. Your library, of course, has the final decision of keeping or returning a book.
  3. Books and multiple order forms are shipped the first week after we receive the books from the publisher.
  4. If you request, we can supply notification forms covering university press titles outside your profile.


  1. Strict adherence to LC Subject Classifications. No complex thesaurus to interpret.
  2. Approval claims are treated either:
    1. Send On Approval - title will be sent with your approval books regardless of your profile (may be forthcoming or previously published).
    2. Do Not Duplicate On Approval - title will be sent as a Firm Order and excluded from consideration on your profile.
  3. Selection of new titles with book in hand based on specific qualities with respect to library requirements. Librarians and faculty are less burdened by the tasks of reviewing the vast array of new title announcements coming from multiple sources.
  4. Based on individual library requirements, the University Press Approval Plan provides either books, bibliographic selection forms, or electronic notification according to profiled selections. Forms include LC/ISBD citations, LCCN, ISBN, subject and non-subject descriptors, price and billing date. Forms or electronic notification sent instead of books, when so indicated by profile, show reason for exclusion.
  5. Status reports on delayed publications are available from your Library Service Representative.
  6. Detailed, customer-specific management reports are included in the Plan.

A bibliographic selection program without automatic book shipments is also available. As with our book approval plan, a library profile is developed according to specific collection interests and requirements. Approval selections are available as standard forms, electronic notifications, or in both formats.

Cost, Billing & Returns

  1. Our invoicing systems are flexible and can be tailored to your specific needs.
  2. Our discounts on university press books are competitive and are available upon request. Although comprehensive in scope, our University Press Approval Plan is straightforward and easy to administer. Clerical costs in the library should be minimal.
  3. Books are returnable for full credit if returned within 90 days and are in salable condition.