Paperback Reinforcement & Prebind Service

Continuing trends in book publishing have resulted in the increased availability of paperback editions. For librarians, this has created the cost-effective option of obtaining paperbacks and having them covered or bound before adding them to their library collection.

For many years, we have helped libraries take advantage of paperback availability by providing that format whenever requested or by monitoring library orders to determine availability of a paperback format. By having us provide your paperbacks already covered in a style of your choice, you can avoid the extra delay, work, and expense of acquiring paperbacks and then having to deal with binding or covering.

You may choose our Kapco polyester adhesive covers for your paperbacks. This durable, flexible, clear plastic cover features a non-acidic, non-yellowing, permanent adhesive. Further reinforcement is available by requesting the application of polyester tape as hinges inside the front and back covers. Polyester adhesive covers are applied immediately and add no delay to turnaround time.

You may prefer to have us prebind your paperback titles for even greater durability. Paperback prebinding is done to order and will add only a short delay to delivery time. We offer four styles of paperback prebinds designed to meet your preference for economy, style, or maximum sturdiness. All of our prebinds feature:

  • Double-fan adhesive binding, using a permanently flexible, polyvinyl cold glue process
  • Acid-free binder boards
  • Unlimited guarantee for three years or fifty circulations
  • Work done by a Library Binding Institute certified library binder

Your Library Service Representative will assist you in choosing styles and customizing your specifications. Charges for these services can be shown on invoices according to your preference

  1. Included in the price of the book
  2. Assessed as a separate item on the invoice
  3. Billed separately on another invoice as binding charges

If you presently order and receive paperbacks unbound and then send them out for binding or cover them in the library, we can save you this time and trouble by supplying your paperbacks covered or prebound, thus enabling you to get your paperback titles into circulation more quickly.

Samples of our Photo Cover, Clear Cover, Textmount, and Class A bindings and Kapco covers are available on request.