Electronic Order Confirmation

Midwest Library Service produces email confirmation reports in Minimal, Summary, and Detail formats as described below. Confirmations are available for orders received in an EDI or BISAC format, as well as for orders created using InterACQ.

Confirmations are e-mailed the next business day following receipt of the electronic order.

The Minimal report provides the total quantity and dollar amount of all orders received within the body of the email message. 

Quantity/$ Total

The Summary report provides the total quantity and dollar amount of all orders received in an attached text file.  The summary may be subtotaled by PO or Fund.

Quantity/$ Total
PO#/Quantity/$ Total
Fund #/Quantity/$ Total

The Detail report lists each order received.  It is attached to the email message in either a Text, PDF or CSV format.  The available sort options are:

Same order as received
PO #/Title
Fund #/Title

Detail Text or PDF formats provide ISBN, title, author, quantity, price and PO.  When sorted by PO, the fund is listed for each item.  When sorted by PO or Fund, subtotaling occurs for each PO or Fund.

The Detail CSV format provides a comma delimited file which can be imported into database and spreadsheet programs.  We can customize the columns to your specifications.

Available CSV Columns Headings
Select any combination of the following
24 columns to customize your CSV file.
*-default columns


Vendor Notes
*Author Confirmation Number (InterACQ only)
*PO Number Customer Number
*Fund Internal Comments (InterACQ only)
*ISBN LC Call Number
*Quantity Location (InterACQ only)
*Publisher Name Order Date
*Edition Publication Date
*Volume Requester
*Price Series
*Order ID Number Vendor Name - Full (Midwest Library Service)
Binding Vendor Name - Partial (Midwest)

To activate order confirmation, or if you have questions, please call your Midwest Library Service Representative at 800-325-8833 or by email.