Fulfillment, Reporting, & Backorder Service

Through our ongoing communication with the publishers, we strive to keep our customers regularly informed regarding the status of their orders. Our reports are timely and accurate and are sent weekly in a 3x5 card format. If a reply is necessary, the card is postpaid and pre-addressed for your convenience in returning it to us with notations added. Status reports are available online from InterACQ.

Scholarly publications encounter many more publishing delays than trade books, and publishing delays after announcement are commonly three to six months or longer. Some jobbers automatically cancel items not received within sixty to ninety days. We do not. We maintain a complete backorder service for titles that are either temporarily out of stock or not yet published. There is continuous follow-up on backorders to ensure that you receive your books as quickly as possible. We will be happy to comply with virtually any cancellation policy which you may require.

We rigorously pursue accuracy on reports of backorders. When we receive a report of unavailability on a book published within the last two years, we immediately reorder the book, knowing from experience that it is often available. As another means of maximizing fulfillment of your orders, we routinely check for availability of U.K. editions for anything determined to be out of print in the U.S. or Canada. We are frequently successful in providing British editions when U.S. editions are not available. When we report a title as out of print, all evidence supports that status.