Internet based Title Notification, Selection and Ordering

InterACQ provides online access to Midwest Library Service's specialized collection development and ordering tools.  It offers a variety of applications for academic, public, and special libraries.  Firm orders may be placed through Collection Development Database Access, Express Entry and the New Book Selection Service.  Instant checking of the library’s pending orders and against orders sent to Midwest within the past twelve months allows for notification of duplicates.  Z39.50 duplicate checking against your library's catalog is also available. Approval plan customers can view approval history, review exclusion slips, order approval books, or request changes to profiles.  Each menu option provides access to a series of straightforward choices to guide users through the system.  The menu is stationed at the top of every page to allow quick access to any option.  Help is available throughout InterACQ.

Collection Development
Database Access
The Core Collection Development Program contains over 100,000 newly published titles. Users may select titles for ordering from the available databases including University Press, University Press Law, University Press Books for Public Libraries, Sci-Tech-Health Sciences and Choice's Outstanding Academic Titles. New title information is entered on a daily basis.

Library of Congress
The Library of Congress database and the New Book Selection Service are also available from the Collecttion Development Database Access. The New Book Selection Service allows users to search the Library of Congress database to select recently announced CIP and Full MARC titles for ordering or addition to a selection list. Users may identify subject areas of interest by establishing an LC based Primary profile and use the profile to identify titles of interest. 

ALA Literary Award Winners and Best Sellers
Collection Development offers access to the current and past ALA Literary Award Winners and current Best Sellers lists. Users may select titles for ordering.

Publisher catalog information is available for most new titles.  InterACQ's order feature allows you to select titles and place orders online.  Default values may be set for the purchase order number, fund, requester, comments, locations and branch fields.

Collection Development Notifications
Collection Development Notifications are produced based on selection profiles you establish through InterACQ. Selection profiles are set up based on LC Subject Classifications, Publishers, Price and Binding Types, Place of Publication, Subject Added Entries, and Field Filters. Based on the frequency you select, PDF files are generated and sent by Email or a link is placed in the Collection Development Notifications option. Each dated notification is linked to a PDF document containing a list of titles selected based on your profile. Users may print slips for distribution to appropriate departments or, if assigned ordering rights, create order transactions for the Administrator. Selection Profiles can also be used to search the Collection Development database interactively.

Express Entry
Search our database by ISBN, Title, Author, LC Class or Series.  InterACQ will retrieve the record and display the book information for addition to your pending list of orders. 

If multiple titles are found a hit list displays for individual record selection.  Place orders for titles not found in the database by using Express Entry.

Default values may be set for the purchase order number, fund, requester, comments, locations and branch fields.

Order Status
The Order Status option provides information about open, invoiced, and canceled orders; allows claiming and canceling of open orders and reinstatement of canceled orders.  

Midwest Loader Records
Midwest Loader Records are abbreviated MARC records created for input into a local acquisitions system to assist in order preparation. Special tags containing library specific information are located in the 9xx fields. Supported systems include Ex Libris Voyager, Ex Libris Aleph, Innovative Millennium/Sierra, SirsiDynix Horizon, SirsiDynix Unicorn/Symphony, and WorldShare Management Services. A Generic option is available to customize the Midwest Loader Reocrd to fit your needs.

InterACQ is available to all Midwest Library Service customers with a valid user ID and password. InterACQ supports multiple levels of security including: inquiry, selector, and administrator.  The System Options allows the Administrator to maintain users and system settings.