Methods of Transmission


Orders and invoices may be transferred using our FTP server.  Place your order files into the drop-off folder.  Find your invoices or MARC records in the pick-up folder. 

Our FTP server is located at Use your Midwest Library Service customer account number as the user ID.  To obtain your  password contact Trudy Barrett at 800-325-8833 or


Web Interface to FTP Server

Order files can be dropped directly into your FTP folders through InterACQ, our web based ordering system.  MARC and EDI invoicing files can be picked up through our web based product, as well.



Email Transmissions

Orders may be sent to   This address has been established specifically for receiving incoming orders. Please direct claims and requests for order cancellation to your Library Service Representative.

We can provide confirmations through our Electronic Order Confirmation service for EDI and BISAC ordering formats.

Files from EDI invoicing and MARC records can be e-mailed directly to you as an attachment or an email announcement can be sent indicating that files are ready to be picked up from our FTP server.