WorldCat Cataloging Partner Collections

Midwest Library Service, in collaboration with OCLC, is pleased to announce the availability of WorldCat cataloging partner collections service.

What is WorldCat cataloging partner collections? WorldCat cataloging partner collections is a collaborative effort between Midwest Library Service, OCLC, and the Library to reduce cataloging costs while expediting the process of obtaining shelf-ready materials. Using WorldCat means your patrons will have much timelier access to new titles. WorldCat cataloging partner collections delivers OCLC MARC records that match books purchased through Midwest Library Service and sets the Library's holdings automatically in WorldCat while providing fully customized MARC records to your local catalog.

What about processing? Midwest Library Service has been processing books for over 50 years. Your library staff has the option of requesting labels with call numbers from records copied by WorldCat cataloging partner collections. Several formats are available, and your label preferences are indicated on your WorldCat cataloging partner collection. Based on local decisions, books can be delivered to the Library shelf-ready with barcodes, security strips, book jackets, spine/pocket labels, cards, pockets, date due slips, property stamps, book plates, etc. Additionally, local data may be added to your bibliographic records.

An OCLC WorldCat cataloging partner collection must be completed for each Midwest account that receives cataloging records. The profile worksheet is available only through the OCLC Online Service Center (OSC). Please contact OCLC for asistance in completing your OCLC WorldCat collections.

Contact your Midwest Library Service Representative for:

  • Your Vendor Customer ID
  • Any physical processing requirements including placement of labels, barcodes, security strips, property stamps, etc.
  • Any data elements to be included in processing such as branch, location, local control number, and barcodes
  • A comprehensive overview of OCLC's WorldCat cataloging partner collections is available from OCLC at WorldCat cataloging partner collections. For information about participation in the WorldCat cataloging partner collections and for information about book processing, please contact your Midwest Library Service representative at 800.325.8833 or by email.